Thursday, July 15, 2010

Post-Punk Punk


1. Muletrain - No Time (Split 7” w/ Concentration Summer Camps)
2. Concentration Summer Camps - Largate Aquí (Split 7” w/ Muletrain)
3. Little Claw - Colors You Drown (Human Taste)
4. Ty Segall - Girlfriend (Melted)
5. Masshysteri - Liv Och Död (Vår Del Av Stan)
6. Petroleum By-Product - Mad About Plaid (Superficial Artificial)
7. Giant Haystacks - Young Shavers (Blunt Instrument)
8. Girls at Our Best - It’s Fashion (Pleasure)
9. The Wax Museums - Worm (Introducing…)
10. Joy Division - Disorder (Uknown Pleasures)
11. Wetdog - Lower Leg (Frauhaus!)
12. So Cow - Casablanca (So Cow)
13. Renaldo and the Loaf - The Elbow is Taboo (Hambu Hodo)
14. Morticia y los Decrépitos - Aviso, estoy zombie (Moriticia y los Decrépitos)
15. Chiquita y Chatarra - Party on the Floor
16. Juanita y los Feos - Angelines (Angelines)
17. Anti-Playax - València Marca Registrada (València Marca Registrada)
18. Jeanette - Porque te vas

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

España y Mierda

These Comments are sure to be welcomed by fifty or sixty people; a large number given the times in which we live and the gravity of the matters under discussion. But then, of course, in some circles I am considered to be an authority. It must also be borne in mind that a good half of this interested elite will consist of people who devote themselves to maintaining the spectacular system of domination, and the other half of people who persist in doing quite the opposite. Having, then, to take account of readers who are both attentive and diversely influential, I obviously cannot speak with complete freedom. Above all, I must take care not to give too much information to just anybody.
—Guy Debord, Comments on Society of the Spectacle (1988)

7.5.2010 Edit: New version of mixtape with actual songs posted. Previous track was messed up, sorry!

1. Avocados - I Never Knew - Messthetics #107
2. Los Rizillos - Los Krispies y Yo - Misma Mierda, Diferente Día (Split with Kärnvapen Attack)
3. Piry - Heroi Moderno - Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas
4. Veronica Falls - Found Love in a Graveyard - Found Love in a Graveyard 7"
5. Sourpatch - Never (Ever Ever) Enough - Crushin'
6. P.S. Eliot - Incoherent Love Songs - Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds
7. Libyans - Keep Waiting - Paralyzed 7"
8. Les Savy Fav - We've Got Boxes - The Cat & The Cobra
9. The Germs - Lexicon Devil - (MIA) The Complete Anthology
10. Folded Shirt - Live on WCSB 2/8/2010
11. Fleabag - Coals - Demo
12. Brilliant Colors - Highly Evolved - Highly Evolved 7"
13. The Beets - Go Away - Spit on the Face of People Who Don't Want to be Cool
14. Über - I Will Go By Bike - To the Toilet 7"
15. Guinea Worms - Drunk in Yr Uggs - Sorcerers of Madness (4rd Year in a Row!)
16. Novedades Carminha - I Love Catholic Girls - Grandes Éxitos
17. Psychedelic Horseshit - Floating in Space - Shitgaze Anthems

Monday, December 7, 2009

Plastic Passions

This was a playlist constructed from a bunch of the favorite Plastic Passions songs (the precursor to Record Hospital-- it was around until 1983); it ended up being slightly different when we played it on air (and entailed some announcing), but here's how it was originally conceived...

The Cure- "Plastic Passion" (Boys Don't Cry, 1979)

Modern Lovers- "Roadrunner" (s/t LP, 1976)
Pointed Sticks- "Out of Luck" (Out of Luck EP, 1979)
The Rude Kids- "We Got Polar Bears on Our Streets" (Safe Society LP, 1979)

Wipers- "Is This Real?" (Is This Real? LP, 1980)
Avengers- "The American in Me" (s/t EP, 1979)
London Zoo- "Receiving End" (s/t 7", 1979)
Satans Rats- "You Make Me Sick" (You Make Me Sick 7", 1978)

Mission of Burma- "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate" (Vs. LP, 1982)
Clock DVA- "4 Hours" (Thirst LP, 1981)
The Del Fuegos- "I Always Call Her Back" (I Can't Sleep 7", 1982)
Urinals- "Ack Ack Ack Ack" (I'm a Bug EP, 1979)

Toxin III- "I Rock I Ran" (Iraq. Iran. (Again) LP, 1982)
The Dicks- "Hate the Police" (Hate the Police 7", 1980)
D.O.A.- "The Prisoner" (Something Better Change LP, 1980)

Rudimentary Peni- "Farce" (Farce EP, 1981)
Dead Kennedys- "Kill the Poor" (Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables LP, 1980)
Black Flag- "Rise Above" (Damaged LP, 1981)

Negative Approach- "Nothing" (s/t EP, 1982)
Minor Threat- "Out of Step (With the World)" (Out of Step LP, 1983)
DYS- "More Than Fashion" (Brotherhood LP, 1983)

Plastic Passions

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Four Variations on a Theme


2. WHAT I FEEL, Lydia Davis

"These days I try to tell myself that what I feel is not very important. I've read this in several books now: that what I feel is important but not the center of everything. Maybe I do believe this, but not enough to act on it. I would like to believe it more deeply.

What a relief that would be. I wouldn't have to think about what I felt all the time, and try to control it, with all its complications and all its consequences. I wouldn't have to try to feel better all the time. In fact, if I didn't believe what I felt was so important, I probably wouldn't even feel so bad, and it wouldn't be so hard to feel better. I wouldn't have to say, Oh I feel so awful, this is like the end for me here, in this dark living-room late at night, with the dark street outside under the streetlamps, I am so very alone, everyone else in the house asleep, there is no comfort anywhere, just me alone down here, I will never calm myself enough to sleep, never sleep, never be able to go on to the next day, I can't possibly go on, I can't live, even through the next minute.

If I didn't believe what I felt was the center of everything, then it wouldn't be the center of everything, but just something off to the side, one of many things, and I would be able to see and pay attention to those other things that are equally important, and in this way I would have some relief.

But it is curious how you can believe an idea is absolutely true and correct and yet not believe it deeply enough to act on it. So I still act as though my feelings were the center of everything, and they still cause me to end up alone by the living-room window late at night. What is different now is that I have this idea: I have the idea that soon I will no longer believe that my feelings are the center of everything. This is a comfort to me, because if you despair of going on, but at the same time tell yourself that what you feel may not be very important, then either you may no longer despair of going on, or you may still despair of going on but not quite believe it anymore."


"There are so many people in the world, more and more all the time. And each of us has a tendency to imagine our own lives as being the main story. But I try to imagine myself as a special guest, or a secondary plot line, and think of everyone ELSE as being lead characters...

I try to be a worthy supporting character to whatever plot line they are working through. Not many people keep journals these days, but some weirdos (like me) still do. I value every interaction I have, and in the off chance that the person I'm dealing with keeps a journal, I want them to consider adding me to it. Is that strange and creepy?

Probably. Fuck it though. THere are no small people, no small stories. We are all humans! We are all related, we are all of the same energy. One infinite spider web of connections. It's that whole Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon."

4. Download.
psychedelic horseshit - out of control, no. 36
reports - at trailers
caethua - if the river dries up
stereo total - relax, baby be cool
vitor hublot - aller simple
young marble giants - searching for mr right
that ghost - friends in quotations
pens - high in the cinema
the marked men - fix my brain
ok? - earthseed
the thermals - back to grey
best friends forever - I think it would be great
the coathangers - don't touch my shit!
the men - ailment
magic people - fanciful man
foreign objects - fable
the diamond sea - heavy skies
the scissor girls - ambulatory
james chance & the contortions - I can't stand myself
bubblegum octopus - let it snow! (note: merry christmas!)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween cover show

I did this as a radio show for Halloween on Thursday night.

1. Slingshot Dakota- "Waiting Room" (Fugazi)
2. Cheeky- "The Golden Ghost" (Slingshot Dakota)
3. God Is My Co-Pilot- "Out in the Streets" (The Shangri-Las)
4. Crimpshrine- "Tomorrow" (Annie)
5. Dead Dog- "Hate Song" (Daniel Johnston)
6. Holly Golightly- "Box Elder" (Pavement)
7. Thick Shakes- "Your Body Not Your Soul" (Cuby & the Blizzards)
8. The Raincoats- "Lola" (The Kinks)
9. Girls at Our Best!- "This Train" (Woody Guthrie)
10. Screaming Females- "Cortez the Killer" (Neil Young)
11. King Everything- "Backwoods" (Cub)
12. Cub- "Cast a Shadow" (Beat Happening)
13. Chugga Chugga- "The Sign" (Ace of Base)
14. The Aislers Set- "Not Too Young to Get Married" (Bobb B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans)
15. The Softies- "I Can't Get No Satisfaction, Thank God" (Talulah Gosh)
16. Shop Assistants- "What a Way to Die" (The Pleasure Seekers)
17. Hey Girl!- "Always Be My Baby" (Mariah Carey)
18. The Avengers- "Paint It Black" (The Rolling Stones)
19. Mika Miko- "Attitude" (The Misfits)
20. Bratmobile- "There's No Other Way" (Blur)
21. Devo- "Satisfaction" (The Rolling Stones)
22. Big Black- "The Model" (Kraftwerk)
23. Minor Threat- "12XU" (The Wire)
24. Das Oath- "Feel Like a Man" (Negative FX)
25. Born Against- "Riding with Mary" (X)
26. Ampere- "Regulator" (Bad Brains)
27. Rorschach- "My War" (Black Flag)
28. Swing Kids- "Warsaw" (Joy Division)
29. Brainworms- "For Want Of" (Rites of Spring)
30. Pygmy Lush- "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" (The Ramones)
31. Redwing Blackbird- "What It's Like to Fly" (Ampere)

check it

Friday, July 17, 2009

Something New

Not a mixtape, but an original collaboration-- just for your listening enjoyment.

Hope you like cats.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pissed-Off Hardcore

Because I need to compensate for my last two posts...

1. Reagan Youth- "Reagan Youth" (A Collection of Pop Classics)
2. Cut the Shit- "No Control" (Harmed and Dangerous)
3. Surf Nazis Must Die- "I Am Angry" (s/t 7")
4. Turboslut- "Dry" (Order of the Turboslut)
5. Nomos- "The Most Dangerous Game" (demo tape)
6. Punch- "Semantically Challenged" (Eyeless)
7. Aerosols- "Fuck the Pavement" (First EP)
8. Brain Handle- "Oblivian Crud" (s/t LP)
9. Infest- "Where's the Unity?" (Discography)
10. Los Crudos- "Asesinos" (Discografia)
11. Infect- "Puta" (Complete Discography 1998-2003)
12. Cult Ritual- "Hunger Pains" (Second EP)
13. Deathreat- "Elementary Course in Prison Economics" (Partners in Crime)
14. Deep Wound- "Deep Wound" (s/t)
15. Drunks with Guns- "DWI" (Drug Problem 7")
16. Cold Sweat- "Kept In/Chains" (Severed Ties)
17. Solger- "Raping Dead Nuns" (Codex 1980)
18. Violent Society- "I Wanna Know" (Not Enjoyin It)
19. Neon Christ- "Neon Christ" (Parental Suppression)
20. Anti You- "Cut It Out" (Making Your Life Miserable)
21. Acid Reflux- "Customers Fuck Off" (s/t 7")
22. Born Against- "Resist Control" (Our Voice Pro-Choice 7")
23. S.O.A.- "Girl Problems" (No Policy)
24. Gang Green- "I Don't Care" (This Is Boston, Not LA)
25. Career Suicide- "Moron" (Anthology of Releases: 2001-2003)
26. Cardiac Arrest- "Daily Dose" (Life's a Dead End)
27. Limp Wrist- "I Love Hardcore Boys/I Love Boys Hardcore" (Complete Discography)
28. Margaret Thrasher- "The Next Best Thing" (Are You There God?)
29. Chronic Sick- "There Goes the Neighbourhood" (Cutest Band in Hardcore)
30. Social Circkle- "Life Crisis" (I've Got Afflictions)
31. ¡Apeshit!- "Scabs & Scars" (Demo 2)
32. Charles Bronson- "Can't Take This" (Complete Discocrappy)
33. Dangers- "We Broke the P.A." (Anger)
34. Chronic Seizure- "Fatal Lie" (Ancient Wound)
35. Pissed Officers- "Skate Punks Eat Shit" (split with Gerty Farish)
36. Wasted Time- "Leech" (No Shore)
37. The Circle Jerks- "Live Fast, Die Young" (Group Sex)
38. The Freeze- "Broken Bones" (This Is Boston, Not LA)
39. Negative FX- "Mind Control" (s/t)
40. Die Kreuzen- "Think for Me" (Cows and Beer)
41. Slices- "Coping Mechanism" (s/t 7")
42. Walls- Tread on Me (s/t 12" EP)
43. Necros- "Police Brutality" (Conquest for Death + EPs)
44. Black Flag- "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie" (Damaged)

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